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 What is Comedy/Slice-of-Life Anime?

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PostSubject: What is Comedy/Slice-of-Life Anime?   Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:10 pm


Probably the most verbose of all anime genres, the comedy genre is characterized by jokes, obviously, usually in a real-life setting. Pacing of speech is relatively fast, but more relaxed than action. Japanese anime jokes go four ways: the clean jokes, the dirty jokes (mostly sex jokes), parody jokes and the rom-com (romance/comedy).
Clean jokes are fairly simple; you’ll find them in multiple genres, and they can make good practice material when speaking Japanese to a teacher or peer. If you can deliver a joke properly to someone who hasn’t seen the show, then that will demonstrate a good grasp of sentence structure and perspective – which will greatly enhance your language skills. At the same time, clean jokes are often based on puns, which will help you to better memorize different words.
As far as dirty jokes go, culturally speaking, don’t tell them unless: a) you’re really drunk and there’s nobody of the opposite gender around you, b) your audience is the same age as you or c) it’s all between おたく. Otherwise, saying them is basically taboo, and definitely not advised.
And finally, the rom-com jokes. You’ll often find them in the form of a middle/high school boy surrounded by three or more cute chicks, also known as a harem, or you may find it in the form of a couple that was never meant to be. Most language used will be very basic, so it should be rather easy to pick up.
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What is Comedy/Slice-of-Life Anime?
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